Friday, March 28, 2014

Let's Talk About Terrain - Infinity Edition

So let’s switch gears this week and talk about Terrain.  Every game requires terrain of some sort.  Some, like historicals and WFB require less.  Others like Infinity, Necromunda, and Mordheim require, or at least play optimally, with large quantities of terrain.  Up until recently I primarily owned WFB terrain with a small smattering of 40k terrain.  With my big jump back into Infinity I have recently invested in more terrain so that I can cover my board with enough terrain to block LOS and avoid the “shooting fish in a barrel” syndrome that can plague Infinity without proper terrain.  So let’s take a look at what I bought, how easy it was to assemble, and why exactly it is important to have sufficient terrain for Infinity.

Monday, March 24, 2014


I'm Back From the Dead! 

Only, I really wasn't dead.

Yes, I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything.  A lot has come and gone since I last posted.  Dwarfs were released.  The Community was shocked with the invention of a whole new faction (for 40k at least) that consisted of a single, yet entirely awesome, model- Imperial Knights.  Now we are hearing the rumblings of the new Imperial Guard book, 40k “not” 7th edition, and WFB 9th edition.  So let’s take a quick peek at each of these.  I’ll try and keep it quick and leave the detailed breakdowns to separate posts, but as frequent readers will know, I can’t always help myself.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Skaven Screaming Bell Landship - UPDATE

Lately, with the weather being crap, I've managed to find plenty of time to work on my latest Skaven project, the Screaming Bell Landship.  So for once I've managed meaningful progress in only a few short days.  So without being too wordy... let's take a peek!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Warhammer, Infinity, Historicals - OH MY!

This should just be a quick progress update.  Lately I've had a little more time to work on hobby stuff so I've finally restarted work I began earlier in the year.  I've promised myself that by in the next few months I will have all of these projects finished so that I can start cutting down some of my painting backlog to more manageable levels.  So what have I been working on?  Well, as the title suggests I have three projects going right now.  The first is my screaming bell conversion for my Skaven army.  The next is to fully paint my Nomads for Infinity.  While the last is to assemble and paint both of my historical armies of present (Britons and early Imperial Romans).  So let's check in on the progress of each of these.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

War and Empire - 15mm Kickstarter Up and Running!

Many readers may remember my commitment to get involved in 15mm historical games.  Since then I've bought rulebooks and miniatures and let them languish.  However West Wind Productions has started a Kickstarter project to create a new line of Ancients 15/18mm miniatures and that has me excited.  So consider this short post a pseudo-advertisment for their kickstarter as well as a declaration that I will get back into historicals as soon as I get my Infinity Nomads painted up.

Information on the Kickstarter campaign can be found here.

Additionally -
  • I'm working on my Skaven Screaming Bell again.  I hope to have progress pictures for a post soon.  This leads me to...
  • In January I'll be revamping the blog and trying to reinvigorate and refocus.  I know, I know.  You sense a theme of me getting off-focus.  I'm not easily distracted I simply have a lot of interests :-)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Infinity - The Background Episode

My last post went over how a new player could get started with Infinity.  The article largely focused on buying miniatures, the first game, and generally where to access information about Infinity.  This week I want to concentrate on the background.  Now, within Infinity most people find it easy to pick a faction based on the models alone.  All of the factions have pretty discernible and distinct aesthetics.  For some people though, that isn't enough.  They want to play the "good guy" faction or "the underdog" or any number of other categories that factions can be shoehorned into.  Today I'm going to go over some brief background for each faction while also highlighting anything the faction is unusually good or bad at on the tabletop.  This should provide everyone with a solid basis for choosing a faction if appearance just isn't good enough.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Getting started with Infinity

Last time I focused on why my attentions are steering away from Warhammer 40k.  So what have I been working on in the meantime?  Well I still have a focus on Warhammer Fantasy and I'm working on gearing up for Adepticon with a new list that (hopefully) fixes the issues with last years list.  I'm also working a little on my 15mm historicals.  Although to date I admit I've only ever ordered the miniatures and separated them out.  Most of my time has been devoted to working on Infinity models and learning that game.  Today, I'm going to cover the basic premise of the game and some light faction background as well as give an overview on what new players will need to get started.

Friday, September 6, 2013

40k 6th Edition - Eldar Codex - My Perspective

This article has been a long time coming as I’ve experienced many personal delays and I took a long time to form a solid opinion about the individual pieces of the Eldar Codex and the whole codex itself.  I’ve played Eldar since 1992.  They were the first army I collected and up until roughly 2002 they were the only 40k army I played.  Over time I dabbled with Space Marines, Imperial Guard, and Orks but the Eldar held a special place in my mind and in the 40k fluff.  That makes the next revelation all the more shocking to me;  I don’t want to play Eldar with the new codex.

In this post I’ll explain my reasoning and go over what I think are the best points in the book, some missed steps, and the way forward.